IV Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous (IV) drips and Intramuscular (IM) injections are the most effective way to deliver doses of the most powerful vitamins in the world.  Elevate your energy levels and fight stress at the cellular level with the long-lasting effect of these nutrients.

A work out routine that incorporates resistance  training raises your bodies metabolism, strength and resilience to injury. All in addition to  accelerating  calorie and fat burn while boosting your bodies natural immune system. 


IV Vitamins Menu

IV Infusions starting at $ 150.
  • Chicken Soup - Developed to treat many chronic illnesses, fatigue, viral and bacterial infectious, muscle aches and more. Guaranteed to restore your energy levels immediately within the hour. 

  • Athletic Booster - A propriety blend of vitamins and minerals stacked to enhance your athletic performance. 

  • Beach Body - Contains Vitamin B12, B-complex and MVP’s proprietary blend of SuperVitamins along with HCG to speed up the fat and weight loss process. 

  • Frequent Flyer - Jam-packed with the essential vitamins and minerals to keep a body and mind fresh, healthy, and on point. 

  • Anti-Aging Mix - Blend of multiple powerful vitamins and nutrients proven to slow the aging process backed with a mega dose of Glutathione, the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world.​

Injectable Vitamins Menu

Generous doses starting at $ 30 each
  • Biotin - Increases elasticity and thickness of hair while also strengthening your nails.

  • B-12 Methylcobalamin - Regulates metabolism, accelerates production of red blood cells, provides nervous system support, improves memory and overall stamina.

  • B-Complex - Six powerful B vitamins are essential for countering fatigue, healthier skin, improved vision, increased metabolism and nervous system strengthening.

  • Super B-12 - Combination of methionine, inositol and choline amino acids added to adenosine monophosphate effectively metabolize and reduce fat stores when active and while at rest.

  • L Carnitine - Excellent vitamin for Protein replacement therapy and muscle tissue healing.

  • CoQ10 - Most effective vitamin for improving your energy levels at the cellular level.  

  • Vitamin C - Powerful antioxidant and immune system supporter. Vitamin C is important for collagen synthesis and great looking skin.

  • Vitamin D3 - Enhances the immune system, brain and heart function.

  • MVP SuperVitamin*-This proprietary blend of the most powerful vitamins available

  • Glutathione - Decreases muscle damage, reduces recovery time, increases strength and endurance and shifts metabolism from fat production to muscle development.