We are a nationally registered and state certified Medical Examiners office with the State of California. Registry number #  9372459070.


Please note the following important instructions: 

-Bring your current or past DOT certification. 

-All medical history and medications are required at the time of exam. 

-Name and contact information of your current primary medical provider and  specialist (if any).

-Appointments preferred but not required. 

-Allow about 1 hour of time for the actual exam and necessary paper work to be    completed. 

-Cost is only $ 80 for the complete exam. This includes as necessary labs, paperwork and evaluation.


The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners lists medical examiners (MEs) who have been trained, tested and certified to perform medical examinations for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers in interstate commerce. These MEs fully understand the medical standards in the FMCSA Regulations, related guidance and how they relate to the medical demands of operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Certified State Medical Exam for DOT/DMV Commercial License. For only: $80

Available 6 days a week. No Appointment Necessary