Weight Loss

Our weight and fat loss program is supported by over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of Movement and Excercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, Meal Planning, Anti-aging, and Hormone Replacement Therapy. You will meet with the actual doctor every week while on the program allowing for continuous adjustments that will accelerate your results. 


Nutritional Counseling:

  • Caloric intake instruction

  • Meal planning for sustaining energy

  • Food choices to help reduce inches and overall weight


  • FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

  • Fat Burning Medications

  • Energy Boosting Injections

  • Anti-Oxidant Therapy

Hormone Imbalance Therapy:

  • Complete hormone evaluation

  • Medication recommendation

  • Weekly monitoring

Click on the the testimonial link to check out the before of and after pictures of some of our actual program success stories.